About Us

About Us

The rich reservoir of knowledge and expertise in science and technology cleaved its way upwards into a gushing fountainhead that is Minal Intermediates and the leading brains that steer the Company.

Corporate Identity

Established on 1st April, 1991 Minal Intermediates defined itself as a forward and progressive Company committed to serve the dyes and chemicals industries all over the world. Sixty-five percent of its production is utilised in India and rest is exported worldwide directly and indirectly to USA, Europe, Denmark and Asian countries.

The wide spectrum of Minal Intermediates’ chemical palette features fine chemicals, hair dye intermediates, including dyestuffs, specialty chemicals, pigment intermediates, agro-chemicals intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates.

The Innovative Edge

Minal Intermediates’ liaison and long-term relationships with other leading chemical manufacturers enabled the Company to introduce diversity in the product basket available to the domestic user. With its proven resourcefulness and know-how the Company devised advanced, cutting edge technologies to infuse innovative alternatives for manufacturers seeking better options and cost-effective solutions.

Minal’s own patented technologies are today exported to developed countries and have proved to be of great advantage to the overseas customer in countering and easing the predicaments in chemical formulations.

Techno-Savvy Marketing

Minal Intermediates ensured that all executives of its marketing Department have a technical background, and possess all requisites to counter scientific questions with intelligent solutions.
This strategy allowed the Company to rapidly expand its line-up of chemical products.

Minal Intermediates added livestock-related chemicals to industrial chemicals, adding versatility to its capabilities.


Minal Intermediates is conveniently located at GIDC, Naroda in Ahmedabad, the industrial hub of India. The facilities include the manufacturing plant, test and analytical labs, and the R & D department. There are three sister concern of Minal Intermediates namely,
  • Minal Industries
  • Mani Industries
  • Matangi Industries
  • Shree Organo Chamicals Pvt. Ltd.

QC Measures: Among the highest priorities

At Minal there is no compromise on quality. This preoccupation with the integrity of the product has earned a wide market acceptance for the Company. As such the Company’s products are accepted unquestioningly as an industry standard.

Eco-consciousness: Pollution Control

No chemical manufacturing facility worth its salt will ever be slack and risk its prestige by not prioritising its environmental responsibility. Minal Intermediates considers pollution control and compliance with statutory norms as the bedrock of all activities at its Plant. The Company’s Effluent Treatment Plant has both primary and secondary treatment facilities.

The final harmless and neutralised discharge is routed to CEPT Naroda through common water discharge facility provided by NIA along with NEPL.

Minal’s corporate responsibility reflects in the integrity of its products and in the response and appreciation of its prestigious clientele in India and abroad.